Washington Unclaimed Funds Reach $500 Million


Huntington Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2007 -- Unclaimed funds totaling $500 MILLION lays waiting to be claimed in WA Unclaimed Property Division. These lost funds are owed to 1.5 million people nationwide!

Unclaimed funds checks are being paid out in small amounts, $50 -$100, up to large claims of $10,000+. The state returned $34.6 million of Washington’s unclaimed funds in 2006.

This may seem like a lot except there was $93.7 in new unclaimed money added, which is almost 300% the amount returned to lost funds owners. On average WA lost funds total is growing by about $100 MILLION per year!

Residents nationwide should search to see if they are owed Washington unclaimed funds and take their money out of Uncle Sam’s piggy bank.

Bill McIntosh, Founder of http://www.cashunclaimed.com, advises, “People should search for and claim their lost funds. Most people make the mistake of not looking to see if any money is owed to them or their family members. Chances are very good you or someone you know is owed money.”

A simple search can be conducted, by name, to see if lost funds owed. When conducting an unclaimed funds search a database should be utilized that covers state and federal databases, like McIntosh’s www.cashunclaimed.com website.

Cashunclaimed.com is the largest unclaimed money database, including all state and federal databases. CashUnclaimed.com was founded to assist owners in easily locating and claiming their lost funds. The site offers more information on unclaimed money and free unclaimed money search at www.cashunclaimed.com. At this time WA Unclaimed funds checks take 1 to 8 weeks to process.

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