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Global Vision Introduces Braille Inspection for Pharmaceutical Packaging


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2007 -- Inspecting pharmaceutical packaging in Europe has become more difficult and time consuming with the recent mandate to include Braille on all medical cartons effective 2010. Global Vision, the leader in automated proofreading solutions has recently integrated Braille inspection into all of their product suites. Global Vision's technology is designed to inspect artwork and documents of any format for errors and consequently increases proofreading accuracy, speed and process efficiencies.

"We know this is a growing concern for our pharmaceutical customers and their suppliers. Checking for errors in standard text is no longer adequate, they now need to ensure the accuracy of Braille as well," says Global Vision, COO, David Perlis. The current inspections are being performed manually dot by dot for every carton specification. However, relying solely on the human eye to prevent any type of error, including Braille makes the quality control process a laborious and time-consuming task.

As a result, Global Vision has integrated Braille inspection capabilities into all of their content verification solutions. The Braille detection technology has been designed to work in both hardcopy and electronic environments. The technology is designed to detect any type of difference such as color, location, and/or missing, added or misplaced text. The addition of Braille error detection ensures that the technology has the ability to locate all the types of errors a pharmaceutical manufacturer typically encounters.

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