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Traditions Foods ROI Analysis Made BatchMaster Manufacturing Software Best Choice

Traditions Foods ROI Analysis Made BatchMaster Manufacturing Software Best Choice


Laguna Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2007 -- BatchMaster’s vice-president, Ingrid Leon noted, “To understand why the Traditions Foods’ management team selected BatchMaster ERP requires looking the choices available. The evaluation was very structured and objective; they wanted a system built for food and beverage manufacturing as well as a supplier who understood their industry and was vested in their success. Since this was a long-term investment, they wanted the ERP system selected to be built on leading not bleeding edge technology. Traditions Foods was one of the few management teams who talked about a Return-on-Investment Analysis for the project…clearly world-class thinking.”

The combination of BatchMaster Software, for superior operational efficiencies, and Microsoft Dynamics GP for mission-critical financial management and reporting tools, will realistically address the challenges Traditions Foods seem to be facing and eliminate current barriers to their growth by diminishing incurred losses in efficiency and profits, especially as Tradition Foods enters the contract manufacturing arena, where they may need to manage potential customer supplied inventory.

Inventory Control
• BatchMaster customers have reduced out-of-stocks by understanding demand. As a result, customer satisfaction is improved and sales increased, leading to an improved margin per year.
• On the other hand, other customers were over-stocking. In such cases, customers were able to run more lean by reducing inventory levels, allowing for better cash flow.
• Inventory Turns – After implementing BatchMaster ERP, the increase averaged to 7.9 with projections of 11.2 turns per year. On-time delivery averaged to 94.6% versus the 73.9% pre ERP.
• Once a wireless warehouse system is in place, data accuracy, efficiency, and tight inventory control is simplified even further by utilizing hand held devices to scan barcodes upon receipt of goods, for bin transfers, and for shipping. When shipping multi-media data formats are also supported in the case where you may want to include a picture of a palate on the shipping documents to decrease the number of lost packages that Traditions Foods occassionally encounters.

Nutritional Information
BatchMaster is a unique ERP system; as an industry specific solution it includes a very mature lab, recipe, and nutritional analysis toolset that other ERP systems do not supply. Traditions Foods already has a standalone system in place for nutritional management, however, Tradition Foods finds great value having such features available as part of an integrated system.

Regulatory Compliance
The BatchMaster product will support Bio-Terrorism Act, FDA, HACCP, and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements to the full extent of the regulations in place.

Integrated Environment
In an integrated solution, all major departments (recipe management, production, sales, purchasing, shipping, accounting) are integrated and share a common database. This allows for management reporting and analysis for decision support and determining key performance indicators. There is also one version of the truth.

BatchMaster Software, Inc. has provided process manufacturing software solutions for over two decades with more than one thousand five hundred installations worldwide. BatchMaster’s customers can be found in every formula and recipe based industry segment, including food, beverage, cosmetic, personal care, paint, coating, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical. Some of the key benefits of using BatchMaster software include keeping accurate inventory, lot traceability and lot recall, regulatory compliance and just-in-time manufacturing resulting in lower production costs and improved customer service. Flexible, easy to learn and use, and scalable to grow with a process manufacturing business, BatchMaster is the definitive solution for the challenges facing small to midsize process manufacturers. BatchMaster team consists of over a hundred professionals, bringing on-going innovation to product offerings and serving customers as trusted advisors for all process manufacturing and supply-chain challenges.