VerifyMyPC 2.4 Introduces Alternate Data Stream Support


Okemos, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2007 -- Users break computer systems. Technical support/IT helpdesk people fix them. Users spend two hours on the phone with technical support and sometimes problems are solved but only after spending two hours. Then complaints are told about the experience to coworkers and friends. The end result is a communication breakdown and a public relations disaster. VerifyMyPC reduces technical support times from 2 hours to 5 minutes, fixing the problem in the process, and restores the relationship between technical support personnel and end-users.

VerifyMyPC is change tracking and management software that tracks changes made to computer systems running Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Systems that have VerifyMyPC installed on them keep track of software installations, changes, and removals as well as critical system components on a daily basis. All of this information is analyzed and a short summary is generated that describes what has changed - in full sentences such as "Since the last scan you have: Installed Adobe Acrobat 8, Installed known spyware." Information that, at a glance, tells what changed.

Armed with VerifyMyPC, technical support personnel can ask the user two simple questions: "About when did the problem with.....start? Was it yesterday, a couple days ago, or just make a reasonable guess?" The user will respond with "Oh, yeah! It started 3 days ago." Then the support personnel starts VerifyMyPC and looks at the last 48-96 hours worth of changes - several weeks worth of changes can be viewed in just a few seconds. Since VerifyMyPC is designed specifically for such scenarios, the problem sticks out and therefore can be easily fixed. Five minutes later, the problem is fixed and both people go their separate ways. And both are happy.

VerifyMyPC 2.4 introduces Alternate Data Stream support. Also known as ADS. ADS is a hidden feature of Windows and very hard to get access to. Some viruses and spyware like hiding in this secret area since it requires highly specialized tools to even see the files under Windows. ADS acts as a metadata storage medium but can be a hiding spot for malware.

The VerifyMyPC 2.x series is completely re-written from the ground-up. VerifyMyPC 2.x features an advanced, high-performance scanning engine and generates textual descriptions (for example, "Installed Adobe Photoshop CS2", "Installed known spyware", etc). It even has drill down abilities to go from high-level overviews to details of the problems found.

CubicleSoft VerifyMyPC is $10 per user. It requires 32MB RAM, 100MB hard drive space, 1GHz CPU, and Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista.