Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Custom Mother's Day Jewelry

Design Mom a Custom Choker for Mother's Day Remember the good old days, when Mother's Day simply meant taking all day to make your Mom that "special something" she'd be forced to treasure forever ... no matter how ugly it was? Guess what? Mom still LOVES homemade gifts! (Just leave out the Elmer's glue & spray painted macaroni.) What then, you ask? has the right answer, and at the right price too: Custom velvet chokers are "wearable works of art!" Check out their brand new "Mother's Day Chokers" page for the 2007 line of custom chokers.


Ipswitch, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2007 -- Velvet chokers are the height of a fashion craze that has captured the hearts of women Internationally. offers visitors the chance to show their Mom she's still #1 by making her a one-of-kind "wearable work of art." Customers design their own custom chokers, choosing the material, pendant & clasp. View the 100s of designs available at

Customized accessories are all the rage this year and jewelry is no exception. From celebrity swarees to supermarkets, everyone is sporting custom ID chokers and belts. is proud to offer Mom line of custom made, rhinestone ID chokers, bracelets and belts. In addition to offering a wide variety of exciting styles of her own, Designer, Lynn Julian, invites each visitor to create a "custom choker" of their own inspiration.

Velvet chokers have never been out of style, just ask any Gothic Princess or Ren Fair Queen. The Millennium has quickly propelled them to the height of a fashion craze that captured the hearts of the everyday woman too. has known the beauty of these timeless pieces for years. Every item they offer is hand crafted by Internationally acclaimed artisan, Lynn Julian, whose hand made jewelry has been proudly displayed Internationally since 1998. Each piece is truly a "Wearable Work of Art," as she invites visitors to design their own "Custom Choker," which will be constructed for them by the artist. View the 100s of designs available at