Global Academy Online, Inc.

Free Online Teaching Platform For Those That Want To Teach


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2007 -- Powered BY Global, PBG, is the first online education platform that permits unrestricted access by anyone who wants to create and teach a class online. And the best part, according to Lou Cooper, the Director of PBG is that there is no cost for anyone to get started.

A division of Global Academy Online, Inc., the online university builders and private-label online curriculum and instruction providers, PBG offers their patent-pending technology to individuals, students, educators, and teachers of all ages. What they get is their very own virtual classroom. Armed with this tool, a course creator can develop and teach online to students anywhere in the world.

Director Cooper notes, “Our online platform is state of the art and already in use by client institutions around the globe.” The system has evolved from the first platforms created by the Academy itself back in 2002. “It's a proven system”, states Cooper, “one that has been through extensive R & D and is equally challenging to the most sophisticated online educator as it is easy for the first time instructor choosing to share and teach their own expertise.”

The PBG systems permits each instructor, regardless of where they are in the world, to easily create their very own virtual classroom. Also, according to Cooper, the teacher can then schedule sessions online at their convenience utilizing the latest technology to provide chat, video, audio, live presentations, and many other technical innovations that offer close interaction between teacher and student.

Cooper believes this will provide some of the “yet to be discovered great teachers” the chance of their life to teach what they want and offer what they know to a worldwide audience.