Commercial Real Estate Buying Made Easy With High LTV Mortgages

Commercial Lenders starting to use new approach in commercial lending to make commercial real estate purchases easy and affordable


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2007 -- 400Bankers.com, a commercial real estate broker/lender database, has announce that some of their commercial lenders are starting to offer up to 100% financing for commercial real estate acquisitions with debt and equity financing. Last month $17.4 Million in loans were funded up to 100% CLTV with debt financing and $38.7 Million were funded with debt and equity financing. The average interest rate was 7.289% on a 30 year mortgage. Due to high volume of loan applications and high closing ratio, borrowers have been quoted interest rate up to 0.75% below national average interest rate. Average closing costs have been decreased to $4,600 for commercial real estate loans of $1 Million or less. To learn more about 400Bankers.com go to http://www.400bankers.com

About 400Bankers.Com
400Bankers.com (www.400bankers.com ) is a national and international commercial mortgage loan bankers network for real estate projects between $200,000 and $10,000,000,000. 400Bankers.com has over four hundred lenders and private investors in it’s network. The network consists of commercial loan experts who are unmatched in efficiency and financing terms.