ResourceMFG Focus Key to Metalworking Hiring Trends

ResourceMFG Focus Key to Metalworking Hiring Trends


Clearwater, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2007 -- ResourceMFG is the nation's leading manufacturing support organization. It focuses on the demands of the manufacturing sector to serve the needs of employees and customers. The company has immersed themselves in the manufacturing community and has close relationships with support organizations such as The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).

The foundation of ResourceMFG is a commitment to understanding the specialized needs of clients, employees, and the community, which provide the foundation for success. Like the manufacturers they represent there is a philosophy of continuous improvement. ResourceMFG is dedicated to improving programs, processes, training and people to meet the diverse needs of the US manufacturing sector. A benchmark of the organization is on time delivery. The company understands manufacturing professionals and provides excellent programs and productive employees. ResourceMFG delivers the right person with the right skills at the right time.

Manufacturing is the sole focus of ResourceMFG allowing a better manufacturing workforce. ResourceMFG understands that it takes good people to get good results. Experienced manufacturing professionals know how to find the talent needed to deliver results for manufacturing businesses. ResourceMFG has been nationally recognized for having workforce management initiatives that impact the bottom line.

As part of continued process improvement executives in the metalworking sector are examining hiring practices, training practices, and poor employee retention rates as their enterprise wide lean initiatives finally arrive at the Human Resources department. The process implementation is familiar since those organizations are already using lean technology, and other methodologies including Six Sigma. Generic placement or staffing organizations which can place a last-minute temporary worker are detrimental to the lean hiring process and actually prove more costly and wasteful than the few staffing organizations that recognize the specific personnel requirements and nuances of the metalworking sector.

“Many placement firms are too generic according to the leading metalworking firms and suppliers down the supply chain”, according to Julie Maydew, vice president of ResourceMFG, who is finding great demand for placing highly trained technicians within the sector. When a staffing company places people in unfamiliar environments, the time to learn the expectations of the industry, company expectations, skills or experience requirements complicate the recruiting process. When a specialist is used, many of the delaying factors are eliminated as they are already recruiting in the right places for similar positions eliminating the “starting from scratch” syndrome. Reviewing dozens of placement firms claiming manufacturing specialty reveal that most were recruiting for carpenters, plumbers, journeyman electricians, construction, bookkeepers, file clerks, and a myriad of skills and positions that were not directly or remotely related to manufacturing companies.

According to manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler in the March issue of Metalworking Production & Purchasing, “Generic personnel placement organizations are failing to meet the specific employee requirements of industry segments including automotive, electronic, machining, sheet metal, fabrication, and many other specialized producers. There is increasing staffing segmentation. Few organizations are involved with the total spectrum of manufacturing positions including production, quality, maintenance, supervision, and all levels of management. Skilled manufacturing recruiters must be able to deliver the right person, with the right skills, at the right time.”

In an era where lean manufacturing is normative and the standard, it is remarkable that how much waste still remains in the hiring and training of manufacturing employees. ResourceMFG maintains relationships with leading manufacturing trade organizations and associations to help clients eliminate wasteful practices, and experience real continued process improvements.

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