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Freeomics Reveals Proprietary Solutions for Energy, Oil & Gas Dependency, Green House Gases, Waste & Pollution, & Transportation


Carlsbad, CA. -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2007 -- Freeomics Technologies Inc. is unveiling its tested and proven technology to the world. "Freeomics' solutions eliminate the need to be bound to Global Oil, without falling victim to the control oil has over the world," says Larry Castro, CEO. Freeomics™ technologies eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels while cleaning the environment. Countries around the world will benefit from this technology immediately, plus provides an answer to the Kyoto treaty. The Freeomics principle technology is FreeomicGas™ which utilizes water to create energy in addition to eliminating waste. Freeomics has successfully broken the barriers related to cost and space. The energy is created with low voltage (15 volts) that produces 2000 Celsius plus of heat. The energy is created the moment the unit is turned on. "This is not a far-fetched dream for the future - it is a realistic, achievable necessity," says Larry Castro, CEO.

Freeomics has over thirty seven patents and patents pending. Freeomics can impact the World now and supply real solutions to Global Warming. "We have spent over 10 years developing our technologies while running several successful pilot programs. One of our flagships is located at the South Korean Electric Company (KEPCO) which has had tremendous success," says Janice Ban, President.

Freeomics Waste to Energy units can clean landfills, waste water & sludge with "Zero Waste" and "Zero Pollution" while producing energy for the local communities. Freeomics has recently signed several LOI's including a recent agreement with a Baltimore developer for 5 units. These units will be used on a multi use commercial project which will create a Green community that will be LEEDS approved, self reliant, with Zero Waste & Pollution, and supply self sustainable Energy. Freeomics Technology has the ability to assist immediately in such areas as the Katrina cleanup by eliminating the waste safely and producing a clean environment. The organization is presently working on contacting the American Idol staff to discuss providing a unit to Africa through their campaign and efforts.

Presently, Freeomics is negotiating with several Municipalities; Water Districts & Ports to deliver a Green Solution that eliminates Green House Gases. The technology converts Waste to Energy from the utilization of landfills, sewage, sludge etc. Freeomics units require no sorting of waste and eliminates 99% of everything that is processed and converts the remaining 1% into construction material with no contamination. Freeomics has mobile units, units for ships and a home unit that is a size of an air conditioner, where citizens can produce the energy they need for themselves. Additionally, Freeomics has successfully retrofitted a car with there system, including a bus that runs only on water with zero pollution. FreeomicGas technology is based on low voltage, low pressure that is more stable than any other technology. The only exhaust product left over is pure water. The power of Freeomics is unlimited and unmatched.

Freeomics systems are scalable that have been easily retrofitted to existing plants & technologies, and have numerous applications that can be used in hotels, hospitals, casinos, industrial locations, residential, coal plants, nuclear plants and more. Freeomics is finalizing a deal with a major hotel & casino for an onsite unit that will transfer their waste to energy, utilizing an area the size of two garages, moreover nearly saving 99% of their energy costs and creating a self sustainable green hotel. The challenge in the past with existing technologies has been the contamination & pollution, besides not being economically feasible, and unstable. Freeomics has conquered the obstacle that delivers a superior proprietary solution that is financially feasible, with zero waste and zero pollution.

Freeomics technology evolved from providing services in the building and development of nuclear plants. During that progression, Freeomics developed the existing technology. They view this present technology as the single most powerful green energy solution available today, plus a solution that will generate a real change in everyday living.

Mr. Castro, Chairman & CEO of Freeomics, reflects on his commitment to eliminate the dependency on oil & gas, and his focus to improve the world's environment for the world's next generation. Furthermore a solution that will clean the world environment with zero pollution and zero waste, "I have interests in several companies which include an Internet broadcasting company, development projects, as well as being a golf professional, master instructor, and a globally recognized public speaker. I made a conscious decision to scale back from those entities and to completely immerse myself into what I believe is the most significant technology in my lifetime. My goal prior to taking on this technology was to play on the senior tour in a few years. In reflecting on my choices I realized that being successful on the tour would provide a trophy, a check, and accolades as an individual. However, by leading the successful execution of Freeomics Technologies Inc., we will make the single most significant global impact for the world's environment, and energy needs for our children and our children's children. This is now my passion, purpose and legacy that I will leave behind" says Larry Castro, CEO.

About Freeomics Technologies

Freeomics Technologies Inc. - headquarters is based in USA with operations in Korea, Mexico, Vietnam and is a leader in alternative energy, waste to energy, communications, information and R&D. Freeomics holds over thirty seven patents and patent pending innovations and is also recognized as a leader in robotics and nuclear development. With over 10 years of R&D and two years of successful operations that span the world. Freeomics is located at 1902 Wright Place, Carlsbad CA. For more information, please visit .