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Press Start Movie Live Action Shorts Premiere Online

Dark Maze Studios has released the first in a three-episode series of live action shorts based on their upcoming film "Press Start" called “Press Start: Dial V for Vile”, available for viewing on the movie's web site, www.PressStartMovie.com.


Champaign, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2007 -- Sometimes a videogame villain needs to take a break from sorcery, evil, and world domination to make a few phone calls. At least, that’s the case with Count Nefarious Vile, the antagonist in Dark Maze Studios' upcoming videogame adventure comedy movie Press Start. Count Vile’s comedic phone adventures are portrayed in a new series of live action shorts called “Press Start: Dial V for Vile” on the film's website, www.PressStartMovie.com.

As a build-up to the film’s anticipated September 25, 2007 DVD release, the web site has previously been featuring a monthly series of original Flash cartoons called “Press Start: Bonus Levels.” However, the filmmakers are taking a hiatus from animation to provide three live-action episodes featuring the film’s tyrannical but comically insecure villain, Count Vile.

“It’s a running gag that Vile’s constantly on the phone,” explains director Ed Glaser. “He’s usually talking to one of his cronies or warlord buddies. We thought it’d be funny to show what happens when he’s on the phone with, say, a customer service hotline.”

New “Dial V for Vile” episodes, like the previous “Bonus Levels,” will appear on the web site on the last Friday of every month between now and June, 2007, and will feature members of Press Start’s cast, notably Peter Davis as Count Vile.

The first episode finds Vile on the phone with a veterinarian, as it seems his dog has a slight parasite problem.

Press Start tells the story of a suburban youth in a videogame world who discovers his adventurous, if berserk, destiny when he's recruited by an ill-tempered ninja and a tough-as-nails space soldier to save the world from Count Vile.

About Dark Maze Studios
Dark Maze Studios is a Champaign, Illinois-based micro-budget independent film studio that strives to produce high-quality entertainment on budgets Hollywood would consider pocket change. Formerly known as Mobled Queen Entertainment, Dark Maze has produced a number of successful short films since 2002. Press Start is the company's first feature-length project.

For more information, visit the official website at http://www.PressStartMovie.com.