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Help yourself with the help of Subliminal Flash 3.0


Moscow, Alabama -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2007 -- Help yourself with the help of Subliminal Flash 3.0

Ded Pyhto, one of the key developers of psychological application software, launched Subliminal Flash 3.0 - a software tool designed to help people raise their self-esteem, develop personal merits or get rid of unfavourable traits of character. According to Ded Pyhto's customer surveys, 930 out of 1000 users have noticeably raised their self-confidence or got rid of psychological issues like complexes, shyness etc. with the help of its software.

Subliminal Flash 3.0 displays a variety of subliminal messages while the user works on the PC. It makes use of the "25th-image effect" to deliver the message to the subconsciousness and stimulate the desired psychological changes. The user may choose the messages from a list of 500+ affirmations (e.g. self-esteem improvement, development of leadership qualities, giving up smoking, rescue from various phobias etc.) or add his own ones.

Compared with competitor solutions, Subliminal Flash 3.0 is the only solution that makes use of "25th-image effect" to deliver the chosen affirmations which makes it by far effecient than any other similar product. Subliminal Flash 3.0 offers an unsurpassed price-to-result ratio, support for Windows OS (Server 2003, XP, Vista) and an intuitive interface which simplifies the use of the product.

Users can also obtaine a 7-session trial version to evaluate all the benefits the programme brings - in fact, 3 sessions is enough to get the first results. Subliminal Flash 3.0 comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - in case of resentment users get their money back without being asked any questions.

The company’s site has a self-help forum which is a place to share your experience with the other users, tell them of of your success or ask for advice. Active users (having 30+ posts) benefit from free product registration. Registered users benefit from life-time free updates, quick customer support and a free-of-charge supplement – Subliminal Images. The solution is based on the same principle, but unlike Subliminal Flash 3.0 displays pictures visualizing the positive affirmations. Used together, these two products allow users get the better results in a shorter time.

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About Ded Pyhto
Established in 2005, Ded Pyhto is a rapidly-growing software company focused on developement of psychological application software which brings peace of mind to its users and helps them cure from various psychological complexes. Ded Pyhto offers its customers 100% satisfaction guarantee, in-depth support and quick response time.
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A demo version of Subliminal Flash 3.0 is available for review purposes.

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