Dennis Jernigan

Former Homosexual Speaks Out Against H.R. 1592 Hate Crimes Bill


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2007 -- In response to the recently proposed Hate Crimes Bill (H.R. 1592) currently before Congress, singer/songwriter/author and former homosexual, Dennis Jernigan, fears his right to openly talk about how he was able to overcome homosexuality would be compromised since H.R. 1592 seeks to prosecute criminals based on their thoughts. "I was able to come to a level of freedom the homosexual community never told me was possible," says Jernigan. "Yet, through faith in God, I successfully walked out of that way of thinking and have met thousands of other men and women who have done the same. What about our civil liberties? To pass such a bill as H.R. 1592 is to invoke fear that I could be prosecuted for my religious beliefs and speech."

Jernigan goes on to say that he fears for his nine children and their families in the days ahead should such legislation pass. "To lose one of our most basic rights, that of free speech, is to strip away what it means to be an American. Homosexuals already enjoy the same rights as all other Americans when it concerns the punishment of criminal acts against them. This legislation seeks to bestow special treatment upon a very small portion of our society. If this bill passes, Congress is telling me that I and countless others who have discovered they don't have to be homosexual are of less value now than when we were living as homosexuals. If we look down the road of this slippery slope, this legislation would actually pave the way to make it a criminal offense to think differently than someone else or to have religious convictions that are opposed to this politically correct ideology. Do we really want such thoughts to be illegal?

"I strongly support President Bush's expected veto of this bill, and I implore the Congress to take a stand for what's right and protect my freedom to not be homosexual - as well as my freedom to be able to talk about it openly."

Dennis Jernigan is a husband and father who has been out of the homosexual lifestyle for over 25 years. His new CD entitled I CRY HOLY will be released nationwide in mid-July. In a music career that extends over two decades, Jernigan has amassed dozens of hit songs to his credit, recorded over 30 projects, and written five books. His songs have been used in churches of every denomination across the globe, and consistently rank in the top 100 of CCLI's Most Performed Songs List. His song "Sit With Me A While" is a featured selection at the grave of President Ronald Reagan. He travels around the world telling his story of freedom from homosexuality. For more about who Dennis Jernigan visit