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More Men Flock to Universal Psychic Guild in Time for Mother's Day

The tables have been turned.


Melbourne, Victoria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2007 -- While majority of the clients of Universal Psychic Guild, Australia's premier online psychic service, have always been women, this month of May, the gentlemen species have also been flocking to the site in record number.

The last time this happened was Valentine's Day, as men looking for unlikely gifts beyond the usual roses and box of chocolates, turned to personalised horoscopes, psychic and astrology reports to give their special someone.

This time, it's Mother's Day, which falls on Sunday, May 13. Once again buyers are readying their wallets, scouring shelves of boutiques in hopes of finding that perfect unpredictable gift.

"Tailor-made horoscopes are just as sweet. I think they're even more thoughtful in most cases," says Raoul Juan, who recently bought two horoscope reports, for his mother and wife.

Online goods such as horoscopes, tarot card, and numerology reports may be the procrastor's dream gift-idea. After all, they're affordable and available instantly. But Universal Psychic Guild is careful not to make Mother's Day yet another overly-merchandised occasion, much the same way Valentine's Day has been dubbed.

As such, Psychic Guild's products and services--horoscopes, psychic readings, dream interpretation, live psychic chat through webcam, and many others--come with a money-back guarantee should clients feel they are not satisfied.

Then again, the question of why buy horoscopes when you can always get them for free anywhere surfaces. Universal Psychic Guild reasons that its horoscopes are carefully prepared, charted according to the individual's birth date and time, rendering each horoscope report as unique as a fingerprint.

And while women continue to patronize the site because, after all, they can buy their own horoscopes, at the end of the day, it's sweeter if the men in their lives did them the favor for a change.

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