HometownQuotes’ Announces VP Addition


Franklin, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2007 -- Braden Lake, the newest member of the HometownQuotes team, was recently appointed as the company’s Vice President of Technology.

In this role, Lake will manage servers, he will write the applications that allow for more efficient operations and he will prescribe methods to help the company gather and manage more information.

“As soon as we interviewed Braden, we knew he was the ideal candidate for this position. Braden has the perfect blend of experience in this field and a passion for this line of work, which will allow him to educate others in the department and devise programming solutions before technological issues arise,” said HometownQuotes co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Hunter Ingram.

Bringing knowledge and expertise from positions with more than seven different companies, including work with Microsoft and Verian Technologies, Lake began his programming career at the age of seven and completed his first college computer class when he was 12-years-old.

Initially planning a career in chiropractic, Lake’s skill with computers won out as he started his career path doing technical work for Boeing. Through this position he gained knowledge about HTML and affirmed his decision to make programming his profession.

A native of Anchorage, Alaska and raised in the Seattle, Washington area, Lake says it’s only natural that he enjoys all things technology – movies, online games, etc. He hopes his enthusiasm for this line of work will not only strengthen the department, but the company as a whole.

“Another facet of my job here will include teaching and mentoring. The brightest moment in my day is when I can teach somebody that has a desire to learn. I love to see that light flicker on when someone overcomes an obstacle. I look forward to seeing how my knowledge of technology and my desire to teach will play a part in this company’s future,” said Lake.