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FileBoss The Power Toolbox for Windows that Provides File Manipulation to the Max


Everett, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2007 -- The Utility Factory has released FileBoss version 1.7 the power utility for managing files on large, modern file systems. The new version is Windows Vista compatible and both the program and its setup file are digitally signed.

FileBoss provides a common interface to comprehensive tools for renaming, copying, merging, comparing and viewing files. FileBoss is specifically designed to manipulate hundreds of thousands of files in multiple directories as easily as it does just one or two files in a single folder.

FileBoss provides a rich set of search functions for locating files that need to be managed. Files can be found by when they were created, modified or accessed, by their attributes (both normal and advanced NTFS attributes), by text they contain, by their size and even by the lengths of their names and paths.

Once found files can be copied with extreme precision and robust error handling or renamed with simplicity such as by changing spaces to underscores, changing their extensions or adding sequential numbers, to renaming with detailed control using search and replace within the names. In addition file times and parent folder names can be added to thousands of file names at once.

FileBoss also provides advanced management routines such as copying complex folder trees without copying any of the files; pasting files into multiple folders at one time; spinning duplicates of files and folders; managing files with very long filenames (up to 2047 bytes) that frustrate other programs; set advanced NTFS attributes such as Temporary, Offline, Encrypted, etc; touch files; create shortcuts; compare, merge and purge folders and paths. FileBoss can even equate file times, e.g. set each files modified date to its created date.

FileBoss wraps its powerful file management routines in a single, flexible interface that allows up to fifty views open at a time, persistent dialog and program status even when FileBoss is closed, saved searches and File Sets; dynamic bookmarks and a direct-entry Command Bar for quick navigation and command entry.

FileBoss is specifically designed to intrude as little as possible on the host system. It has only two executables, no DLLs or ActiveX components and writes nothing to the Windows or System folders.

FileBoss retails for $49.99 and is fully functional and free to use for 30-days. System requirements: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000. Comprehensive PDF Manuals suitable for reading or printing are available free on the website. Visit for more information and to download the free trial. Contact The Utility Factory, EMAIL:, TELEPHONE: +1 425 296-6838; FAX: +1 815 572-9753.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request