Mirage Computer Systems GmbH

Licence Protector Release 2.5.1


Aulendorf, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2007 -- This release will introduce many pretty good new features with focus on enhancements of the Web Activation Server including the option to allow a reinstallation. Licence Protector comes with a complete new online help system (http://www.helpserver.biz/onlinehelp/lp/easygo/2.5/help2000/index.html?introduction.htm) which does not only offer a tutorial of the application but also a list of FAQs and HowTOs.

Some of the new features are:

* New option during the creation of an Activation Key: Unlimited Installation. This allows using an Activation Key on the same machine multiple times. The Activation Server stores hardware information with each Activation Key and checks, if an Activation Key is used again on the same machine or on a different machine
* Web Activation Server - new Reports: Multiple Activations of a module, Multiple usage of Activation Keys, Reports for Web Service Requests (all, successful, erroneous)
* Web Activation Server - new Tools to perform manual activation, get logfile, restart service
* Now supporting 10 languages - new is Norwegian

And last but not least - Runs on Windows Vista.

Visit the Home Page: http://www.Licence-Protector.com