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Announcing Absolutely Ridiculous Life Coaching Spring Fling Specials

Do you remember a time when you felt unstoppable just like the explosion of Nature in springtime? If you want that feeling again, don't pass this up!


Camrose, Alberta -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2007 -- Sylvia MacKenzie, founder of PowerLife! Solutions for Change, an expansive website for personal growth, announces that she's conducting a series of Personal Life Coaching specials, which she’s calling her "Spring Fling!"

“I've gone a bit overboard with this," she explains, "however, I felt deeply awestruck with the magnificence of Nature's ability to give rebirth to dormant life, and cause all things to be new and fresh. I view this as a perfect time to offer new life to people who themselves feel dormant or stuck."

There are deadlines, so she asks that people pay close attention here. "I have made it possible for people to receive an entire full-month program for the cost of one hour. I have gift certificates too. For those who sign up for a free coaching consultation by May 18, I am discounting three full months of personalized coaching down to half price! A savings of $700.00! However, bookings must be made by May 25."

When asked why she is doing this now, Sylvia replied, "I love Spring. It reminds me that people’s lives are dormant at many times for many reasons. I felt compelled to make it as easy as possible for individuals to access life coaching and fully experience the rewards. I didn't want cost to be an issue. Nature is so generous in Spring, I'm simply reacting to my appreciation of that generosity, I guess."

Sylvia also said, "The publicity of the Law of Attraction and the movie, The Secret, both covered on Larry King and Oprah, has brought significant attention to the field of personal life coaching. People are hungry to learn how to manifest abundance and fulfillment. Life coaching provides real tools to help them do exactly that.”

Sylvia suggests that if the following are challenges for anyone, getting an unbiased mentor is exactly what will help the most:
- feeling over-stressed and under-supported
- wanting more out of life but feeling stuck
- feeling inadequate to achieve more
- wanting to find a passion and a purpose in life
- feeling unable to let go of beliefs that limit personal empowerment

"That list could go on and on." Sylvia stated. "It is my fervent desire that my specials will spur some people into action. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain."

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