Mobile Marketing Solutions Provide Customizable Opportunities For Large-Scale Marketing Efforts

When large-scale marketers can both customize and mobilize a marketing display or trade show event footprint, opportunities for greater exposure and cost savings roll on in. Mobile marketing can generate short and long term ROI.


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2007 -- In an increasingly fragmented messaging marketplace, sometimes making the biggest splash requires a customized mobile marketing solution that rolls with the terrain, no matter where those marketing efforts take you. That’s the specialty of EventPro Inc., an Indianapolis based mobile marketing and event management company specializing in the creation, customization and deployment of unique mobile marketing vehicles like vans, trailers and signature busses.

“If used properly as part of a concerted marketing effort, the ROI of a mobile solution can be astronomical,” says EventPro President Bob Irvin. “Think of it as an aggressive acceleration of the sell cycle, in an environment most conducive to sale—with captive audiences.”

EventPro works with marketers to create custom-built mobile marketing solutions, and also offers the ability to repurposes existing vehicles to suit specific needs as budgets and shorter turnaround times demand.

Irvin adds, “When you consider the investment necessary to create a dynamic trade show display, and then assemble and move that display to multiple locations, it becomes easier to see how a traveling presentation can really offer more bang for the buck—especially since a mobile marketing solution automatically becomes a traveling billboard and extension of your most relevant brand messages.”

Irvin suggests visiting the “Testimonial” and “Benefits” pages of their website, www.eventpro.com, for more detailed information on how mobile marketing solutions might fit into short or long term marketing plans