MON.ITOR.US Empowers Community With Possibility to Embed Performance Metrics Into Their Sites


Yerevan, Armenia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2007 -- MON.ITOR.US, a leading provider of free IT monitoring and web analytics, as a part of its strategy to deliver the most complete monitoring experience, provides its community with new option to enhance their websites, blogs, pages with dynamic monitoring widgets opening new business perspectives.

Widgets are a popular Web 2.0/Ajax feature; they are embeddable dynamitic fragments with a particular appearance and behaviour. They provide an easy way to port the information to other platforms. It is a small piece of dynamic content on a web site, blog, or social network page. Widgets make possible for users to watch and share data on different platforms and applications, including web home pages like Netvibes, Google, Yahoo and many others.

New Public Widget allows anyone to publish customized monitoring metrics like website uptime and response time directly on personal sites. checks websites performance from the USA and two locations in Europe every 30 minutes. The collected statistics user can post into any web page and make it publicly available. For example, user may build a view selecting his personal site together with When published, the widget will deliver on-going benchmarking for the user’s site performance versus the Internet leader. Similarly users can build comparative views including any number of competitors, customers, hosting providers, friends, partners, etc. sites.

An easy-to-use wizard step-by-step directs the widget setup process: at first step user selects URLs, then which aggregated metrics to display, and finally customizes appearance of the widget. By the end of setup process wizard generates HTML code which users can copy/paste into any web page. Users may also embed the generated widget into a password protected or Intranet page and make it available only to limited group of their employees, partners or customers.

“Public Widget enables our community members to demonstrate their websites advantages, publish a comparative performance research, and report SLA (service level agreement) to their clients or control SLA from a provider”, says CEO Hovhannes Avoyan. “Our users will benefit by increased traffic, gained credibility, possibility to provide new service to their clients and increase customer satisfaction. This feature indeed will empower our community with new opportunities”.

MON.ITOR.US is a leading free global websites and networks monitoring and analytics service measuring on 24x7 basis key performance indicators of websites, web applications and network resources. The service offers error detection, alert notification, detailed uptime and performance reports, real time snapshot views, and web site traffic analysis. It currently has over 7,000 users and monitors almost 36,800 sites.