Syntage and Artistopia: The interview

Solo recording artist Syntage bares a little of his soul to the folks at Artisopia in an on-line interview.


New York, NY and Hamilton, Bermuda -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2007 -- Syntage the voice behind the newly release album "venuslevitating" sits down with the people at Artistopia and shares a little about the man behind the mask.

Q. At what age did you realize you wanted to become a music artist and why?

ANSWER - I don’t recall an exact age I just knew conventional employment was not my thing. I’ve always been drawn to artistic beauty. I was in several bands at an early age with childhood friends my younger brother was the director and filmmaker. :)

Q. Most music artists have that special someone or thing that influenced their decision to do music. Did anyone or something in your life play a major role in influencing you to go into the music business?

ANSWER - Every thing about life is an inspiration. No one thing; energy, feelings, emotions, tears, laughter, all of it existence.

Q. In terms of the music, which major artist(s) influenced your style and why?

ANSWER - Well there’s Kravitz in the Romeo-blue and the black velveteen error, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Morrison, Maynard James Keenan… so few and so many a little of all and none.

Q. With so many independent artists trying to make it, what makes you stand out from the competition?

ANSWER - I don’t know I got a shout out today from the people at Download for the cure on my myspace page it read “Syntage rocks the party that rocks the party. Groundbreaking, innovative and infectious….buy all the CD’s and T-shirts!” that touched me that says it all…

Q. Music industry professionals are quick to say that being an artist means to gracefully fit a marketable niche in the industry. If you were offered an opportunity that asked you to be something you are not, would you do it to get your foot in the door?

ANSWER - No I don’t think so staying true to me and my music is very important to me...

Q. Making music is one thing, selling it is another. What types of strategies do you use in promoting your artistic work and getting it heard by the proper professionals?

ANSWER - (smiling) To be honest I let my Tam take care of it. So you would have to ask her.

Q. In regards to wheeling and dealing, how important do you feel business knowledge is to making it in an industry filled with much heartache?

ANSWER - I think it is very important to know the inner and outer workings of the industry. The more you know the better you will be able to protect yourself and your music.

Q. Let's fast forward to 5 years from now. What advice would you offer to struggling independent artists?

ANSWER - Don't give up on your dreams they are the only things that keep us alive; that keep us going.

Q. Most successful artists are involved in charitable organizations that stand for a cause that hits close to home. In that regard, once you reach success, what charitable cause(s) would you like to be involved in and why?

ANSWER - Well I’m interested in the tragedy going on in Darfur. There is a concept video on my myspace page backed by my song “Rain” that I’m hoping to parlez into some type of relief effort for them. Also in the field of cancer research I’ve been touched personally by the disease…

Well, we thank you for taking the time to interview with us and certainly wish you the best in your music career endeavors. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, an inside look into the mind of an independent artist struggling to bring their hard work to fruition in an industry where perseverance and thick skin means survival. No one said it would be easy.