Smart Cars of America, LLC

Smart Cars of America Announces its Smart Car AutoMall Dealership Classifieds Site.

Smart Cars of America Marketing Division Establishes the First Smart Vehicle Online AutoMall Site.


Belleair, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2007 -- reveals their innovative automotive online classified car site.

"The Internet will soon become the number one media channel for private used-auto sales." Borrell reports, "The fat times are over for automotive advertising," a Borrell analysts writes.

"We created a new classified automotive web site within the Company's Web division, designed essentially for the automotive dealer and individuals wanting to sell or buy clever vehicles and greener modes of transportation."

"Dealers want more from the Internet and are looking for web services to help them engage the growing online shopper." said Max Fisher, Market Director for SCOA.

Mr. Fisher adds "All our many sites are excellent channels for advertising cars, your services or products to a targeted automotive-based viewer-ship and our expansion provides more exposure for dealers' inventory and improves awareness, so they have a greater opportunity to reach buyers."

"Dealers want to do more online and are looking for services to help them engage the online shoppers." "Potential car buyers of all brands, along with green planet friendly buyers searching online are likely to find your inventory due to our highly targeted and vehicle base viewer-ship." said William Siegler recently appointed General Manager for the new site.

He adds, "To help form a successful, long-term relationship with all dealerships who sell vehicles and planet-friendly cars, Smart Car AutoMall in conjunction with Smart Cars of America is providing the first 25 dealerships and 59 individuals who register on the site a complimentary account and dealers get a 15 car classified ads section without any charge or obligation."

“Smart Car Auto Mall Dealership Classifieds Program allows dealers and private sellers to place inventory at their own pace and cars stay posted till they sell. The new site is configured for web-based entering of vehicle inventories and the step-by-step procedure is easy and needs no Internet experience!” states Mr. Siegler.

"We know the dealers advertising allowances are repeatedly centered on conjecture rather than concrete and proven outcomes" says President, S.L. Johnston.

Johnston continues. "All licensed dealers or manufacturer can post their available inventory. However, alternative cars, hybrids, electric cars, and Eco-friendly types will get special treatment and expanded coverage on our other sites."

About Smart Car of America, LLC

Founded in 2000, Smart Car of America was the first web site in North America dedicated to marketing the smart, alternative and innovative transportation methodology in the States. Since then, it has grown into one of the dominant marketing segments of its kind in North America with an expanding audience among smart, alternative, dealers and individual aficionados. Our sites have an extremely established and entrenched internet acceptance with all smart, alternative cars and the intellectual thinking community.