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Kindersigns Celebrates Over 1000 Instructors

There is an over-spilling sea spreading across the world and it’s not water. They are Kindersigns Instructors.


Brampton, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2007 -- Kindersigns is celebrating over 1000 Instructors in over 60 Countries world wide. Since 2001, Kindersigns Baby Sign Language University has grown dramatically across the globe making it the leading baby signing phenomenon to date.

“The great thing about the Kindersigns program is that no matter what Country you are from or what language you speak the program can be adapted to that Instructor’s language” says Jamie Opielski, Director of Operations. “I have personally talked with many of the instructors and I find their excitement and enthusiasm about Kindersigns incredible.”

Giving Instructors What They Need

Kindersigns helps every day people who want to start their own business as a Baby Sign Language Instructor by giving them everything they need to get started with continuous support. All YOU need is a love for babies and the appreciation of the baby signing concept and you too can join the Kindersigns occurrence that is sweeping the Nation!

"This letter is written to let you know how your course and customer service has not only exceeded but also stunned my expectations. These programs continue to serve me in ways that I hadn't considered when first purchased. The brilliance of this program lies in the good amounts of money to be made in just small cracks of time in my very busy schedule (A new baby in the house and a full time job, etc.). I cannot fully express my gratitude for your personal touch, prompt responses to emails and excellent business plan. I know that a potential buyer need not be a speech therapist to successfully run this business." ~Jeff Hinzman, Speech Language Pathologist~

More Information

For more information on becoming a part of the leading Baby Signing Instructors team across the world please visit or contact Jamie Opielski, Director of Operations at