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Elegant MicroWeb Introduces ElegantJ PDF - Java PDF Library

Java™ class library to generate dynamic PDF documents directly from a Java™ Component. Internationalization with multiple languages.


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2007 -- Elegant MicroWeb - Software Products and Services Company working successfully across geographic, cultural, and technological boundaries announces release of ElegantJ PDF 1.1. ElegantJ PDF delivers dynamic documents and business reports in printer-friendly, professional-looking PDF (Portable Document Format) documents with a feature-rich Java class PDF library as stand-alone entity to publish ‘official’ reports directly from applications in PDF.

The need for a world-class Java PDF library was realized by our own development center during development of a professional report-writing tool. The reports were to be published in PDF amongst other options. None of the PDF libraries available in market satisfied our requirements, so we decided to develop our own PDF library and that is how ElegantJ PDF evolved.

ElegantJ PDF Library offers high level of compatibility with other applications, PDFGraphics to generate PDF from any Java (even lightweight and swing) component, and industry-standard security of the document by means of 40-bit encryption for PDF document. ElegantJ PDF can also be configured for dynamic reporting from any data source in PDF.

The professional look of the report increases the value of document. ElegantJ PDF Library uses PDFTable to display data with customizable attributes (background, foreground, etc.,) at different levels (table, row, column, or cell) with alignment options (left, center, right, justified). When publishing your report over Internet, to get a higher rank on search engine is of major concern. Keeping this in mind, ElegantJ PDF fully supports full meta information & Unicode, and provides default compression to PDF document.

ElegantJ PDF is a truly international solution supporting TrueType, Type1, CJK, as well as BiDi (bi-directional) fonts. With True Type font, PDF library provides embedding and sub-setting to restrict size of the PDF. ElegantJ PDF provides full text property support like character and paragraph styles, text wrapping, superscripts, subscripts, indent, underline, strike-through and so on.

As a single image or chart can precisely convey information worth 1000 words, graphics and images are becoming one of the most important elements of reports. ElegantJ PDF supports a wide range of graphic objects and images such as Circle, Oval, Line, Arc, JPEG, and Java Image Objects. ElegantJ PDF is also compatible with patterns to texts and graphics. PDFImage can also be set as pattern which supports a wide range of style attributes like fill color, line color, font, text alignment and so on.

To summarize, ElegantJ PDF Library provides complete solution for dynamic professional looking PDF reports directly from your application without distortion of formatting styles and objects in a secure and reliable environment. For more information, visit http://www.elegantjpdf.com.