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Former Journeyman Meat Cutter and Newspaper/Business Supply Man Offer Honest Approach to Making Thousands From Their Internet Business.

"If Just A Dumb Meatcutter Like Me Can Do It...Anyone Can Do This Business."


Springfield, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2007 -- Before you invest time and money into online businesses that don’t really work consult with Allen, Pat or Patti with Business Consulting Services. Their lifelong work previous to discovering the internet was spent doing back breaking work when a “midlife passage” took hold. “There’s got to be more to life”, they said.

Allen spent his youth to midlife honing his marketing, public relations, and teaching skills regarding meat cutting to hundreds of individuals over the years. The Oregon Meat Cutting School his folks owned and operated for 26 years produced skilled cutters that are sorely missed today. But as Allen says he doesn’t miss the work and thoroughly enjoys what he is doing with his life now. Allen’s days consists of a commute from his bedroom to his office down the hall and works with his wife Patti. They complement each other on skill and knowledge of the internet and common sense. Patti’s background consists of a legal background and working at the University of California at Davis, School of Law.

Allen’s favorite phrase is “if I can do it anyone can make a great living on the internet.” And, indeed he has. He had little to no experience with computers and admits that he can’t spell to save his life. He doesn’t want to brag but he has made in one month what he once made as a meat cutter in one year. His experience and patience in teaching comes into play with his new online business as it once did in the meat cutting field. What Allen appreciates is that some of his “best students” now are people he has never met. But he can say they are definitely his best work and has become fast friends with his associates and businesses he has built.

Pat Parshall is one such friend and co-owner of their business that Allen and Patti have met over the internet and have become trusted friends and associates. Pat’s diversified background consists of working for the New York Times and co-owns an office supply business that rivals big time companies such as Staples and Office Depot. His growing business is attributed to Pat’s hard work and long hours. But he readily admits that his online business with the Shirks is far more lucrative with less hours.

Their present business is simply in direct sales; selling thousands of dollars of software. Their entire package is worth well over $60,000+ worth of products for just a tiny fraction of their selling price. Resellers benefit by receiving and selling all the products and becoming associates for under $1000.

With the Shirks also having previously owned and operated a Property Management Company the initial investments they made are a vast difference to the minimal amount one must ante up for their present sales business. “If the public really understood business and its costs everyone would really want to get in on this business opportunity. Where else would you find a business under $1000, virtually no overhead (try that one with a property management and office supply business!), less stress, no commute, no high gasoline bills and the chance to know your family again.” The Shirks and Parshall have said to their team and prospects “it’s a no-brainer folks, this is the life you were meant to live!”

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