New Word in Community Software: AbleSpace


Moscow, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2007 -- If you want to start a community site, there is a wide choice of options. You can hire a crew of programmers to write a script from the scratch, or you can buy a ready-made solution. There is a wide shoice of such dating and community software scripts.

There is one problem about them all: they are narrow in their functionality. Besides, if you want to use so common features as Video Chat, VOIP Phone, Voice Recording, Video Sharing module as youtube, you have to pay a monthly fee. It i always so.

But there is one community software or social network solution that will cover all your needs and that will not ask for any monthly fees: AbleSpace. What is so unique about it? With it you get free:

1) Video Chat,
2) VOIP Phone,
3) Video Sharing Module,
4) Flash Games,
5) Friends Module,
6) Flash Chat with Multiple Rooms,
7) 3D Chat,
8) Groups,
9) Classifieds,
10) Events,
11) Greetings' Recording,
12) Photo Gallery,
13) Forum,
14) Blogs,
15) Biorhythm,
16) Love Calculator,
17) Unlimited Languages.

You will not have to buy a video chat separately which is about $250 a month. Moreover, you will not have to buy a Flash Server hosting, which is about $100-$150 a month. You will not have to buy Adobe Media Server for your hosting, which costs $6000. You will just have a video chat on your social network site.

If you have a minute, visit the demo of AbleSpace community software, it will say much more than any press release could.