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Taxpayer Saves $145,000 in IRS Taxes

FSI Tax Corp. professionals save one lucky taxpayer from paying $145,000 in back taxes, thanks to a little “above the call of duty” investigating.


Columbia, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2007 -- One lucky taxpayer is jumping for joy after learning that two FSI Tax Corp. employees helped erase nearly $145,000 of his tax debt when they uncovered errors in the taxpayer’s previous tax filings.

The taxpayer, who is a client of FSI Tax Corp., hired the company to help him with his Installment Plan. However, when Authorized Taxpayer Representative Paulinus Akosa and Tax Case Manager Darcel Dobbins chose to spend a little extra time discovering what went wrong to cause their client’s massive tax debt, they discovered more than they bargained for: $145,000 worth of previous tax preparation errors.

Although FSI Tax Corp. does not usually provide audit representation, Akosa spent several hours talking with an IRS Revenue Agent and successfully secured a $127,153.79 savings for the client. Still unsatisfied with the outcome, Akosa, with the help of Dobbins, dug deeper into the client’s tax files to uncover an additional $17,667.40. In the end, Akosa and Dobbins saved the client a total of $144,821.19.

“There was just something about this case that didn’t sit right with us,” Akosa explained. “So we decided to take a closer look and see what went wrong so we could help our client avoid these types of mistakes in the future, but we were really happy we found ways to help him with his tax debt right now.”

Akosa and Dobbins also successfully intervened to prevent an IRS levy for the client’s remaining tax debt while he obtains a loan to help pay off the remaining taxes he owes.

Dobbins said that these kinds of cases remind him of why he chose to work for FSI Tax.

“I could be doing any number of other jobs,” Dobbins said. “But there’s something special about helping people through a tough time, especially when it relates to financial issues.”

About FSI Tax Corp:

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