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Traditional Asian Martial Arts Novel Debuts in the United States


Roslindale, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2007 -- Millions of martial arts fans will now have their day, as will the even greater number of Americans who love a great literary action hero. Of course, fans of the medical thriller have a treat in store, as do readers who enjoy the supernatural, the murder mystery, spirituality, and a good old fashioned vigilante tale.

All these dimensions are in full flower in Arthur Rosenfeld’s new novel The Cutting Season (YMAA Publication Center, 2007), the first book in a planned series that brings the most popular category of Asian fiction to these shores for the first time.

In his novel, Rosenfeld introduces Dr. Xenon Pearl, the crack South Florida neurosurgeon who finds all he has trained and worked for in jeopardy when the child of a local mafia boss dies on his surgical table. Spurred by the specter of his deceased martial arts teacher, Pearl uses his medical training to exact justice. His credo becomes: “Do no harm … Honor your teacher … Cut without mercy ….” The story involves mysticism, reincarnation, betrayal, romance, organized crime, communication with the dead, Jewish/Chinese culture, motorcycles, and medicine.

A martial arts master whose training spans over twenty-five years, and a critically-acclaimed and widely-published novelist, Rosenfeld’s ground-breaking transplantation of this important exotic genre explores human conflict, desires, and the search for moral certainties to the United States. “The Cutting Season is the culmination of all my experience as a writer and as a martial arts expert. I’ve written it to answer the burgeoning interest in Asian themes, spirituality, and martial arts.”

The Cutting Season
By Arthur Rosenfeld
YMAA Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-59439-082-1
June 2007