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Florock’s Quote Program Enables Flooring Contractors to Prepare More Accurate Bids

Florock's Quote Program for flooring contractors saves valuable time and minimizes quoting errors.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2007 -- Routinely, a seamless flooring contractor is under pressure to write a bid for a resinous floor coating project, thus hurrying to estimate the costs of material and freight. Estimating the costs too high or to low can result in losing the bid or winning with insufficient markup. With the new Florock quote program, the seamless floor coating contractor can quickly obtain an accurate detailed quote for materials & freight, so the task of creating a bid can begin with an accurate foundation.

“It all starts with a call from the contractor to 1-800-FLOROCK” said David Schmetterer, Vice President of Crawford Laboratories, Inc. A Florock representative will quickly record all pertinent facts, such as the type of system required, the number and thickness of coats, color, performance requirements, size, delivery destination, and how much overage to calculate. The Florock customer service team will immediately prepare a detailed quote, complete with delivery cost. The seamless flooring quote will show how much material is included, packaging information, terms of sale and destination. The bottom line (cost per square foot) is clearly indicated so the contractor may quickly plug this cost into their markup scheme. When a quote ultimately becomes a project, there is no guesswork trying to determine what materials were planned. The contractor simply directs the Florock support team to turn a previous quote into an order. According to Russ Geiger of Floortech in Tampa Fl., “When we are on the move, we do not have time to run back to the office to do all of the necessary calculations to accurately estimate the materials cost. The Florock quote program enables us to do what we do best, without sacrificing the accuracy of our bids.”

For more information about Florock seamless flooring products, contact the customer service team on duty at 800-FLOROCK (800-356-7625). Or send an email to Service@Florock.Net. Information is always available for download at

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