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Smart Cars of America Creates New Web Site for the 2008 Smart


Belleair, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2007 -- The new Internet site allows for the distribution of information regarding the U.S launch, progress and eventual success or failure of the the 2008 Smart.

The new Smart Internet site provides for an eye on the future, for the 2008 Smart ForTwo launch. The site will be set up as a information gateway where all who register and wish to can voice their opinions and share thoughts on the Smart car and related products, allowing for a great deal of interactivity among those who want to receive and share information on this revolutionary automobile.

"Through this Web site we hope to provide a clever, unique way of presenting the 2008 Smart, and offer an abundance of timely and accurate automotive content. The new site will also facilitate alternative dealers, service providers and the public."

S.L. Johnston, president of Smart Cars of America, added, "We anticipate that this site will aid in promoting a strong American launch and developing a strong future for the vehicle. It will help educate the American driving public, many of whom have waited patiently for years for the car and will want to learn more about it."

"The 2008 Smart Web site will serve as an online information hub. Offering free exchange for the Smart devotees to share opinions and information on Smart vehicles, and for consumers conducting research, enabling consumers to make knowledgeable decisions about the 2008 Smart," said a company spokesperson.

"The great demand generated for the Smart cars due to their reputation, public awareness and an always-present hype, only adds to the importance of the Smart's 2008 American launch," said Marketing Director Max Fisher.

Mr. Fisher explains, "Right now, selling the Smart is just one component of a very complex undertaking. We just may be at a pivotal crossroad for the future and direction of the U.S. automotive industry and the emerging automotive industries of China, India and beyond."

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, "The Company (UAG) only plans to sell 16,000 Smart cars next year in three configurations -- the base 'Pure' model, the upgraded 'Passion' model and the 'Passion Cabriolet.'"

“Many factors may hinder in purchasing the 2008 Smart, aside from the high demand and a very limited supplies, which all reports indicate, are sold out for (16,000 units) the 2008 model year, will be the logistics, accountability issues and the potential for unforeseen complications and tacit problems.”

Smart Cars of America has been a leading advocate for the Smart's American launch for seven years, and is North America's first Web site dedicated solely to the all-new 2008 Smart Fortwo.

"The 2008 Smart ForTwo is one of the most sought-after and desired vehicles to come to our shores in many years. Not since the Mini Cooper announced it was coming here in 2000 has a car created such a buzz. However, due to its revolutionary nature, the Smart ForTwo could possess the dubious distinction of having the most misinformed and confusing car introduction to date," said company spokesman William Seigler.

He adds. "Our hope is that the 2008 Smart Web site will help clear the air by serving as an online communication portal and help consumers and the American public find accurate information they have asked for, these many years regarding the Smart cars."

Founded in 2000, Smart Car of America is the first Web site in North America dedicated to marketing this smart, alternative and innovative transportation methodology in the United States. Smart Car of America has grown into one of the dominant marketing segments of its kind in North America with an expanding audience among smart alternative dealers and individual automobile aficionados.