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Foreclosures Up – ARMs Up – Helpful Consumer Information Down


Weston, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2007 -- At a time when many homeowners are facing higher monthly payments or foreclosure and many first-time homebuyers are facing a tougher time getting approved for a mortgage, who’s looking out for the consumer?

In response, Global Star Mortgage has launched, a new online information service that assists borrowers in need of useful, relevant and timely information regarding their current mortgage or new purchase mortgage they may be considering. is loaded with FREE REPORTS – to list just a few:

*Little Known Secrets That Will Show You How to Improve Your Credit Score

*Important Terms You Must Know BEFORE Obtaining a Mortgage

*Tested and Proven Strategies for Building a Better Credit Record Faster and Easier

*The Top Mortgage Questions Borrowers Must Ask Before Applying For a Mortgage

Global Star President Anthony Sands has helped countless families finance and refinance their homes over the last five years throughout the tri-county area. Global Star Mortgage specializes in assisting borrowers who have had a credit issue or bankruptcy in the past, self-employed individuals, and business owners who have trouble fully documenting their income.

“Have you ever gone on the internet in search of mortgage information? It’s no fun,” Sands said. “The first hint of available information comes in the form of a cheesy flashing graphic to get you to click - right?” We’ve all seen them. Hey, have a ridiculously high loan amount with an even more ridiculously low payment — so tantalizing isn’t it? Have you ever followed one of these links to find out how precious little information is on offer but how much of your personal information is required? It is awful.

Sands went on to say, “Seriously this morning I checked my Hotmail for a family newsletter; $620,000 for under $1,999 per month on the top banner with not a word about terms conditions or limitations to the claim - complete garbage. I’m just supposed to click and give up all my personal info.”

Sands said many web surfers might not realize that those ads are presented by information sales companies who sell the information provided to them to high-pressure, sales-based mortgage companies. Commissioned sales people then sell the unwitting customer a loan which may or may not be in his or her best interest. At no point during the process is the consumer afforded the right to the information they were initially looking for, and it is quite disgraceful, he said.

Anthony Sands is available for interviews by phone and can be reached at 954-803-3803.

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