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Sourcingmap Announced the Latest MP3 Market Report

The integration of MP3 function has become a development trend, MP3 in the future development direction.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2007 -- In 2007, MP3 player market gradually matured. Falling manufacturing cost and intensified market competitions drove up the growth of the whole market. Meanwhile, as users were more mature in their consumption, user groups segmented further. Market competitions gradually shifted from pure price competitions to competitions based on overall brand strength.

Big screen, Big capacity screen MP3 became the segment of greatest attention in MP3 player market. Meanwhile, the market also progressed as chip technology was improved. After a period of hibernation in the second half of 2006, MP3 player market started to recover slowly and grew slightly. The year 2007 saw a great growth of MP3 players . Innovation and integration opened a blue sea market for the MP3 industry. In 2007 MP3 player market will continue to develop along the road of "innovation and integration".

In the face of market changes and challenges, Sourcingmap Company Ltd ( )---China Factory-Direct Wholesale Superstore launches a selection of MP3, which renovated the traditional MP3 concepts, combined watches and glasses with MP3, more fashion, more trend to adapt the age level in the broader. Unique products, product adaptation makes more opportunities to increase their Economic Efficiency .

"Rock & Roll" MP3 Quartz Wrist Watch 256MB (SDX-218) Silver ---- which is one of their MP3 Quartz Wrist Watches launched this summer. Its feature is users can enhance and enjoy the music experience, modern digital technology make music round anytime and everywhere in digital era. The related link is

It appears that the integration of MP3 function has become a development trend, MP3 in the future development direction, Integration is more functional or as a function integrated into other consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones ,watches and glasses.