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dbQwikSite Transforms Ideas into Web Applications with No Coding


Bangkok, Bangkok -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2007 -- TheDevShop has just released version 5 of dbQwikSite, its web application RAD tool. This release significantly changes the boundaries of traditional web code generators. dbQwikSite integrates to other web authoring tools, as well as integrating more of the database design process. The result is a powerful web application development environment that requires virtually no programming skills. The end user focuses on application functionality, flow and design, and the code generation engine takes care of the programming tasks.

dbQwikSite Version 5 focuses on integrating web development desktop work flow. This release ties together many common tasks between web design and web development and across various development tools. To design a database web site, users typically need to jump between different tools each specialized for a different aspect of development, such as database design, page design and coding. In version 5, users are offered a wealth of tools and features which enable them to work seamlessly when creating web applications. Version 5 blurs the lines between traditional programming tools. It humanizes the development process by allowing users to work naturally, making iterative changes and tweaks as they move forward in development and into maintenance. This type of flexibility is typically the realm of high end enterprise tools.

Many code generators require that users have an existing database before pages can generated, not so with dbQwikSite. It has a host of tools to help users create databases. Tables can be created not only by the traditional methods of defining fields and data types, but by also by many innovative ways geared toward your less technical users. For example users can import Excel files, MySQL users can create tables from MySQL dumps, dbQwikSite provides a rich set of database table templates that can be mixed and matched to create new tables and field combinations. New in version 5 is a web form import tool, aimed at webmasters who are more familiar with HTML than with SQL. Simply design a web form, or pick one from the web and import it to dbQwikSite. In this process, dbQwikSite will analyze the form, and suggests a table structure based on the form design.

TheDevShop has given a lot of consideration to make dbQwikSite support the way people normally work, embracing not only the creation process, but also the iterative changes that are a natural part of developing and maintaining applications. Version 5 introduces a “universal” database table editor. Users can change their database tables on-the-fly as the need for new fields or other changes are discovered. Many code generators will balk at changes to the data structures. dbQwikSite V5 handles these changes gracefully, analyzing your current design against your changed data structures, and flagging design items that require attention. dbQwikSite is more than a web site generator; it makes it an invaluable tool for maintaining database web sites through the entire lifecycle of the application.

Version 5, offers a new HTML editor integration. You can assign your HTML editor to replace the integrated HTML editor. Users of Dreamweaver and FrontPage, or any other editor, can edit dbQwikSite HTML pages and HTML fragments, in their preferred HTML designer. dbQwikSite not only launches your editor with the correct page loaded, but it monitors all the files that are edited. dbQwSite project pages which reference HTML modified outside of dbQwikSite, will display a warning the next time they are accessed in dbQwikSite. Always with maintenance in mind, a nifty “reconciliation report” tool, not only highlights changes, but also allows users to automatically merge in external changes by clicking a “accept” or “reject” change link in the report.

Project Reports are a new feature in this release. A number of supplied reports provide the means to analyze web site design for trouble shooting as well as reports to support integration. The reports are part of a new plug-in architecture and leverage an XML project file format. New reports can be developed independently using XSL.

This most recent release is not limited to integration automation. It also features advancements in the technical aspects of the software. The code generation engine now generates PHP, ASP, and Windows Vista support is also part of this release.

dbQwikSite PE (Personal Edition) is a free edition creating branded pages. There are 4 paid editions: Publisher, Express, PRO and Ecommerce, sold for $39.95 USD, $99.95 USD, $149.95 USD and $179.95 USD respectively. Free trial and additional information available from

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