Retro Telephones Newest Addition to Product Line


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2007 --, a leading online retailer of 1950’s diner chairs, retro tables, retro booths, and bar stools, today announced the addition of retro telephones featuring the classic wall and desk phones such as traditional country wall telephones and retro princess style desk phones.

“ is excited to offer this line of retro telephones, as they are a perfect complement to our classic seating and retro decor,” said James Cobble, spokesman for American Chairs, Inc. “The inclusion of retro telephones has been anticipated for some time, and we’re pleased to be able to provide customers even more options in retro décor. We’ve had a number of requests from customers for other retro style products, especially retro telephones, so this newest addition will be well received by our client base,” Cobble stated.

The retro telephones made by Crosley are reminiscent of the telephones seen in the 1920’s up through the 1960’s. As one of the world’s largest radio manufacturers, Crosley has been in business since 1920. True to the Crosley tradition, these retro telephones represent a perfect blend of style and function and are a delightful dose of nostalgia.

Carrying the Crosley product line, enables to widen retro style offerings without compromising the superior craftsmanship that customers have come to rely upon. Adding retro accessories like telephones ensures continued growth and success for Customers looking for other retro items reminiscent of the 1940’s and 1950’s will now have unique accessories to pair with their retro seating for a truly classic dining experience.

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