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NTI Releases Automatic Voice/Pager Dialer for the ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16


Aurora, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2007 -- Network Technologies Inc today released the Automatic Voice/Pager Dialer System for the ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16 Server Environment Monitoring System.

The ENVIROMUX-AVDS Automatic Voice/Pager Dialer System calls up to eight telephones, pagers, or cell phones to alert you when a sensor from the ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16 goes out of range of a configurable threshold. When activated, the dialer instantly begins calling the numbers in sequence, delivering one of four prerecorded messages. It interfaces with the ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16 via the Output Relay connections.

The ENVIROMUX-AVDS automatically redials busy or unanswered numbers. Its built-in line seizure feature enables it to take control of a phone line even while it is being used to ensure that alarm messages are effectively delivered.

The remote shut off feature enables a user to ignore an alarm so that the alarm message is not continually received. A user can also initiate a two-way conversation with a person in the monitored area so that he/she can receive a detailed account of the emergency condition.

Available for immediate sale, the ENVIROMUX-AVDS Automatic Voice/Pager Dialer System costs $335 each.

NTI units connect between computers and peripherals, are easy to use, and require no special tools or software for immediate operation. Customer satisfaction is supported with a two-year warranty on all parts and labor and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Responsive customer service and technical support are available to assist with product selection and user questions (800-742-8324, fax 330-562-1999, email

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