A7Soft Has Just Released ExamXML 4.26, A Visual Tool for Comparing and Merging XML Documents

With the widespread adoption of XML, a need in special tools for XML grows significantly. A7Soft has made a gap in the market for XML providing XML differencing tool.


Munich, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2007 -- ExamXML has been especially developed for comparing and merging XML files in an intelligent manner. Unlike other comparison tools that treat XML as a text, this tool considers XML as structured data, taking into account an XML scheme.

ExamXML displays the XML document in a tree view, highlighting differences down to the level of elements, words or attributes, so that you can view exactly which attributes and elements have been added, modified or deleted.

Unique to ExamXML is its ability to ignore elements that match users’ defined condition.

XML users know difficulties in comparing numbers and dates, because there are several formats of them. Besides the usual textual comparison, ExamXML adds ability to compare numbers in numeric format and dates in date/time formats.

ExamXML costs $29 (USD) for a single-user licence with free upgrades. A site licence is also available. You can find a fully functional trial version from the A7Soft site at http://www.a7soft.com.