Rinkya Inc

Rinkya Conquers Space and Time with New Auto-Bid Innovation!

Rinkya Unveils New Advance Auto-Bid System for Japan on-line Auctions.


Tempe, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2007 -- Rinkya Inc, one of the pioneer Japan Shopping Services, today announced a new breakthrough for shopping Japanese on-line auctions and stores. “Rinkya has already conquered Space by making Japanese on-line Auctions , websites and stores accessible to the International community in spite of language and cultural barriers,” states President Heather Russell.

“Now, we are conquering Time with our new Advance Auto-Bid System. Our Auto-Bid System allows consumers the convenience to place auction bids in advance by selecting the date and time of their bid. Consequently, this eliminates late night hours, sleepless nights, scheduling conflicts, and vacations away from a computer for consumers around the Globe that have a “must have” item on their Wish List. It also allows bid cancellation up to 30 seconds prior to bidding,” continues Ms. Russell, “which is normally not possible with the no retraction rules of Japanese auctions. Of course, once a bid is placed, there are no retractions. We have not yet conquered the practice of extended auctions that are so popular among the Japanese. However, we recommend our customers place their bid 6 to 6 ½ minutes before the auction ends to avoid auto-extension.”

The Rinkya Auto-Bid System is a free perk for Rinkya members who have achieved Gold Status. For a limited time, however, all Rinkya members have been invited to participate in the new Auto-Bid System. Rinkya Sign-Up and membership is free for anyone interested in Japanese Antiques, Anime, Car Parts, Dolls, Electronics, Games, Guitars, Golf Clubs, Robots, Toys, and much much more.

Rinkya Inc is a leading service provider for Japan auctions, stores, and specialty websites.

The company’s U.S.A. headquarters are based in Tempe, Arizona, with offices and two large warehouses located in Tokyo for customers’ inventory. The Japan branch has won several business awards from the Japanese Postal System and has been featured in several Japanese business magazines.

For Further Information Visit : http://www.rinkya.com