1866Voip.Com Brings The Best VoIP Providers And Systems To Consumers. The Site Has Been Functional For Nine Months And Has Constantly Strived To Achieve Higher Goals

1866Voip.com has in the past nine months become an all-in-one site for VoIP phones and systems. The site has a directory of VoIP providers, hardware and software products, as well as reviews, articles, comparisons, and an active forum.


Miami, FL-- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2007 -- The site aims to bring to consumers residential or corporate the many benefits of VoIP. It lists the leaders in internet telephony systems and presents an easy to understand view of how VoIP is beneficial and how it works. As the complete VoIP resource 1866Voip.com is an interactive site and answers every question a consumer may have about providers or the technology behind the IP telephony system.

Chris Young of 1866Voip.com reveals, “Communications is the future of the world and VoIP has revolutionized communications. We at 1866Voip.com are a part of the VoIP revolution and the site is fast becoming the no 1 VoIP directories.”

1866Voip.com bring to the users of VoIP telephony great discounts, newer packages, information on new providers, updates on technology, freebies , as well as tips and in depth articles. As VoIP takes the world by storm and sales are reaching unprecedented numbers, 1866Voip.com keeps the consumer anchored by providing comparisons and evaluations on the products and packages. The site is user friendly and makes shopping for the new technology easy.

VoIP is about telecommunications at low cost and 1866Voip.com will be the first to make sure that the savings reach the user. The site providers clear answers to all VoIP related aspects: phones, connectivity, service, providers, business solutions, and technology.

1866Voip.com is dedicated to make technology work for the consumer.

For more information on the site and its exciting plans see: http://www.1866voip.com/
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