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Idokorro Launches Mobile SSH 3.1 with Support for Bluetooth Connections


Ottawa, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2007 -- Idokorro Mobile Inc., the leading solutions provider for mobile network management, is pleased to announce the release of a new version of Mobile SSH, their popular terminal session application for wireless handhelds. The latest release includes support for Bluetooth connections and general performance enhancements, as well as custom IT Policy and RSA SecurID support for users with BlackBerry Enterprise Servers.

Mobile SSH allows full VT100, 5250 and 3270 terminal emulation from BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola smartphones so users can securely connect to Unix, Linux, Novell Netware, routers, switches, AS/400 servers, IBM mainframes and much more from their wireless handheld. With Mobile SSH, users can perform tasks like access applications, troubleshoot problems and send commands to almost any network device from virtually anywhere—reducing costly network downtime and accelerating response intervals. The new support for Bluetooth connections, ideal for onsite support work, allows users to attach a Bluetooth serial adapter to any compatible network device with a console serial port, and then use Mobile SSH over Bluetooth to connect to and manage the device.

Organizations whose users connect through BlackBerry Enterprise Servers can now configure connection lists for specific users that can be "pushed" to BlackBerry smartphones for greater convenience. As an added security feature, users can also be restricted from editing their administrator-defined connection settings, so that they can only access what they are authorized to. Additionally, if an organization’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server is configured to require third-party applications to authenticate using RSA two-factor authentication, Mobile SSH supports now supports this feature.

“We are very pleased to announce this latest release of Mobile SSH, which delivers features that our customers have been asking for and extends the usefulness of the application to an even wider range of real-world situations,” says Paul Dumais, VP Product Development for Idokorro Mobile.

About Idokorro Applications
Mobile SSH is part of Idokorro’s suite of award-winning applications for wireless handhelds which includes Mobile Admin, Mobile Citrix Client, Mobile Desktop and Mobile File Manager. By enabling secure access to like networks, servers, desktops and other devices, Idokorro software allows users to perform most computing tasks from almost anywhere. The result is a quickly-realized ROI in the form of increased efficiency and reduced downtime for organizations of all sizes, across industries.

Mobile SSH and all other Idokorro products are available for 30-day fully functional free trials from the Idokorro website: All Idokorro products except Mobile Admin can be downloaded for the free trial directly to a wireless handheld device by using the device browser to visit:

About Idokorro Mobile, Inc.
Idokorro was founded in 2001 and is now the leader in providing mobile access solutions. Idokorro's products allow users to monitor, maintain, and manage their networks, computers, and other network devices from practically anywhere — streamlining operations, decreasing costly network down-time, and accelerating service responses. The company is self-financed and serves a global customer base of over 4,000 corporations. For more information, please visit, or call 1.613.789.1818.