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Gantt-Solution Releases JCVGantt Version 3.0 Add-in for MindManager 7

Is it Magic? Gantt Charts, Plans and Estimates Produced Automatically - While You Brainstorm


Saint Bruno, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2007 -- Gantt-Solution® Inc. today announced JCVGantt® Pro version 3, a new project management add-in for Mindjet® MindManager 7, the world’s leading visual thinking tool used by almost a million business professionals. I and A Research Inc will provide global technical support

Using Gantt-Solution’s inter-program synchronization technology called DynaSync™, MindManager users rapidly brainstorm ideas while JCVGantt® Pro simultaneously creates Gantt charts, project plans and cost estimates, “as if by magic”.

JCVGantt® Pro is a popular project management tool among Fortune 100 companies who prefer its low learning curve and ease-of-use to the steep learning curve of / found in other project management tools.

The new marketing slogan “Planning can be as easy as breathing” captures the ease-of-use theme of the version 3.0 product where plans are created automatically while mind-mapping. A Microsoft Office®-style Ribbon bar furthers this theme by putting the majority of features of the product within 2 mouse clicks.

Lead designer, Charles Guerin states that “The central goal of the version 3.0 product was to reduce the training time for users to use project management tools from days to minutes, while providing them with the entire basic project planning tools most users will ever need.

User testing has shown us that 35 minutes with our tutorial is sufficient to get most users up and running planning complex projects. If you compare that to what can be weeks of training required to use other tools you’ll see why more and more Fortune 100 companies are adding JCVGantt® Pro to their repertoire

User Mark Mosher, CEO of New Echo Productions in Colorado Springs, comments “This is a fantastic idea. I love how the product continuously syncs with MindManager, even picking up Gantt bar colors from the branches of the tree!”

JCVGantt Pro 3 sells for $129. US, it is available through Gantt-Solution Inc (www.gantt-solution.com) and via 62 resellers around the word. The product is available world-wide in English, with French and German releases slated for June.