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“Pay Attention to People” Says World Leader in Emotional Intelligence

The new “hidden six” logo tells an important story about noticing what is often ignored in daily life: people and their emotions. Six Seconds is a global not-for-profit organization helping all people learn the skills of emotional intelligence so businesses, schools and people thrive. To celebrate the start of their 10th year, the organization adopted a new logo that reminds people to pay close attention to one another.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2007 -- Emotions are everywhere, yet people have a tendency to ignore them. According to Six Seconds, the world leaders in emotional intelligence development, this leads to horrendous consequences as people make decisions that disrespect themselves and others.

“Most of us have been taught to put feelings aside and struggle to do so,” explains Six Seconds’ President Anabel Jensen, Ph.D. “Looking at the headlines of any paper you can see how poorly this approach works.” Instead Jensen and her team teach people to pay attention to emotions and use them as a valuable source of insight for problem-solving and decision-making.

The new logo shows a stylized number “6” hidden in plain sight on a field of blue. Six Seconds’ COO Joshua Freedman explains the icon: “When we teach people about emotions and the power of six seconds of attention, their whole vision of the world begins to change. Likewise, once you see the hidden 6 in the logo, you can’t not see it.” The organization's web site is

At the same time, the organization has changed the name of the division focused on work with corporations. The “Institute for Organizational Performance” has been renamed “Six Seconds Consulting Group” ( ). The new name is intended to create more coherence in the organization’s branding and convey Six Seconds’ commitment to form long-term consulting partnerships with corporations.

The new logo will appear in Six Seconds’ offices worldwide (Beijing, Bologna, Brisbane, Lisbon, London, San Francisco, and Singapore) this month and kicks off a year-long celebration of the organization’s 10 years teaching emotional intelligence.

In their first decade, Six Seconds has published the pre-eminent emotional intelligence curriculum for k-12 schools, numerous corporate training programs (including a course on organization change in use by the US Navy), three psychometric assessments, six activity calendars, an activity book, two journal workbooks, and a new book about emotional intelligence for leaders (see In addition, they have trained over 100,000 educators and consultants, hosted five international conferences, and delivered over 14 million web pages of quality information to the public.

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