Diversity of Smart Logic Puzzles for the Whole Family with Griddlers Deluxe 2007 v6.3


Saint-Petersburg, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2007 -- PuzzleHome.com announces the release of the new version of Griddlers Deluxe, a fascinating logic puzzle for the whole family. Improved and extended, Griddlers Deluxe 2007 v6.3 offers several playing modes, a built-in editor, a comfortable interface with rich features, and a collection of ready-made griddlers of various complexity levels.

Griddlers originate from Japan, where at the close of the 20th century two people, Non Ishida and Tetsuya Nishio, independently came to the identical idea of the puzzle. According to it, any image, presented as an array of black and white or colored pixels on a grid, can be converted into pixel indices on both grid axes. With a little thought and perseverance one can recover the original image using only these indices. The recovery of an original image from numbers showing the place of every pixel on the grid is the underlying principle of the puzzle.

Griddlers Deluxe 2007 v6.3 started off as a verification tool for puzzle solutions. Inspired by users’ support and suggestions, Puzzlehome.com developed Griddlers Deluxe into a fully-fledged gaming module with manual and automatic solving capabilities, hints and error control. Now Griddlers Deluxe not only provides support in solving and verifying griddlers, but also offers a wide range of editing options to help create new unique griddlers. The program allows importing images from other formats, editing them in the program’s window, and making them into original griddlers for family and friends. Its wizard makes the job of creating a puzzle simple and enjoyable. Moreover, users can tap into the endless source of new griddlers available from the company’s website http://puzzlehome.com.

Interface features of Griddlers Deluxe 2007 v6.3 provide exceedingly comfortable playing and editing environment. The program offers wide customization to adjust its palette and style to your liking. A choice of backgrounds and hues for the grid and pixels can easily refresh the working area. All the rich features found in Griddlers Deluxe 2007 v6.3 become readily available through the program’s intuitive interface.

Griddlers Deluxe 2007 v6.3 Features:

- Highly customizable playing environment;
- Hints, error control, undo and automatic solving;
- Built-in feature-rich editor;
- Image import and export;
- Puzzle printout;
- Collection of free B&W and colored griddlers (over 1000);
- Detailed explanation of rules in the help file and on the company’s website.

Availability and Pricing
Griddlers Deluxe 2007 v6.3 runs under Windows 98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista and costs $14.95 (USD). Registered users gain a lifetime support and an access to the ever growing collection of griddlers. An evaluation version of the game is available as a free download at:


Product page link: http://puzzlehome.com
Download link: http://www.puzzlehome.com/download/griddlers_setup.exe
E-mail: v.kasyan@puzzlehome.com