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New Wireless Mobile Platform with Crypto-Memory Security Chip


Menlo Park, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2007 -- Unicon Systems, a Linux handheld software and hardware technology developer from Menlo Park, California, has just announced that the new generation of its Mobile Chip-on-film platform will have additional security protection - the ATMEL AT88SCxxxxC high-performance secure memory device. It will provide advanced built-in security and cryptographic features for Unicon’s family of products.

Through dynamic, symmetric mutual authentication, data encryption, and the use of encrypted checksums, Crypto-Memory provides a secure place within the system for the storage of sensitive information. With its tamper protection circuits, this information remains safe, even under attack.

Software developers can use the new cryptographic feature to protect the application code and other software modules from use violation and cloning.

“This feature makes Unicon’s mobile platform even more appealing to developers whose applications require high levels of protection, such as DRM handling software, remote banking solutions, security automation products, medical devices and many others that deal with sensitive and secret information” – says Unicon’s VP of Product Marketing, Dimitriy Ivanov.

In addition, the new solution resolves possible problems with 3rd party licensed software modules and prevents royalty and licenses abuse.

Unicon’s mobile chip-on-film Linux platform is based on an ARM9 embedded CPU running full-blown Linux 2.6 and attached to the back of a 3.5” touch screen. It is equipped with multiple connectivity options, including two 2.0 high-speed USB host ports and WiFi. This is a complete hardware and software solution, and may be used as a development tool and standard component for mass manufacturing.

Pilot production of the new modification is scheduled for July 2007.

More information is available at www.uniconsys.com

About Unicon Systems
Unicon Systems provides a complete turnkey solution for developers and manufacturers of various handheld devices for industrial, security, educational, consumer and medical applications: the Linux handheld chip-on-film hardware platform (MKitTM) for development needs, and the cost effective System-on-Display (SoDTM) components for mass production.