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AIS Media’s Excerpo Mail Brings Retailers Independence For July 4th

Excerpo® Mail Allows Retailers The Freedom To Deliver Their Message And Track Results In Real Time


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2007 -- In the spirit of the Fourth of July, AIS Media is bringing freedom to retailers this Independence Day through Excerpo® Mail, the company’s professional email marketing service for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). Excerpo® Mail helps companies with every aspect of their email marketing program -- from building targeted email lists, designing professional email campaigns, delivering their messages, to tracking results. The Excerpo® Mail system also provides an intuitive online interface for those retailers that want to manage their own email marketing program.

At less than a penny per email sent, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of paid advertising available today. Email marketing also delivers substantial profit potential with $51.45 ROI for every dollar spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

“In the spirit of the Fourth of July, we wanted to bring independence to retailers through Excerpo® Mail,” says Thomas Harpointner, CEO and Co-Founder of AIS Media, Inc. “Excerpo® Mail allows retailers the freedom to focus on their core business knowing that their email marketing program is being managed by professionals.”

“One of the biggest overlooked benefits of email marketing is the viral component,” added Harpointner. “Customers can easily forward an email to friends and family at no additional cost to the advertiser. Most other forms of advertising simply don’t offer this viral component.”

Excerpo® Mail is available as a hosted Web-based application at a flat monthly fee, which enables users to avoid the high cost and hassle of implementing and maintaining server-based software. A key feature of Excerpo® Mail that marketers will find appealing is the ability to track results in real-time. This “ROI” feature of Excerpo® Mail distinguishes the program and provides a key service that many business owners seek in their marketing operations.

“At AIS Media, we aim to develop and deliver a full-suite of advanced Web applications and services that empower businesses to drive revenues, cut expenses, and increase productivity,” said Harpointner. “Excerpo® Mail perfectly complements our existing solutions and further enhances the value AIS Media and our certified partners are able to deliver to our valued customers.”

The term “excerpo” in Latin means to gather or bring together. Excerpo® Mail is the second in AIS Media’s brand of Excerpo® applications, following Excerpo® Storefront, a Web-based e-commerce and shopping cart system.

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