Halldis Apartment Rentals Expands in Italy and Throughout Europe

Halldis now selects partners throughout Europe for the short term rental of corporate and vacation apartments.


Milan, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2007 -- Short term rentals, very short term (starting from 3 days) with a ‘keys in hand’ concept for managers (http://www.halldis.com/corporate) and tourists (http://www.halldis.com/vacation). This travel solution is offered by Halldis, an Italian company specialized in temporary accommodation with its corporate and vacation rentals present in Italy, in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Florence, Venice, and across Europe, in Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris, with over 500 apartments.

Halldis, founded in 2002 by Pietro Martani, now aims at becoming the European market leader for short term apartment rentals, with a strategy focused on expanding both in Italy and abroad. The next European capitals it plans to open are London and Amsterdam, whilst in Italy, through partnership agreements with local entrepreneurs, the brand should be launched in over 40 cities: from the biggest and most dynamic ones (for example Verona, Naples, Palermo), to the smaller but possibly even more intriguing ones (like Perugia, Como, Catania and Trento).

To make all this happen, the company – which grossed over 5 million euros in revenues in 2006 and expects to achieve 6,5 million in gross revenues this year – has now started identifying role players interested in becoming the local partners through which the brand will conquer its prime position in the European market.

Halldis Apartments for rent in:
Milan: http://www.halldis.com/milan
Corporate Apartments: http://www.halldis.com/corporate
Vacation Rentals: http://www.halldis.com/vacation
Serviced Offices: http://www.halldis.com/offices
Apartments in Frankfurt: http://www.halldis.com/frankfurt
Apartments in Paris: http://www.halldis.com/paris
Apartments in Brussels: http://www.halldis.com/brussels
Apartments in Rome: http://www.halldis.com/rome
Apartments in Venice: http://www.halldis.com/venice
Apartments in Milan: http://www.halldis.com/milan
Apartments in Turin: http://www.halldis.com/turin
Apartments in Bologna: http://www.halldis.com/bologna
Apartments in Florence: http://www.halldis.com/florence

If interested or for more information, please contact:
Halldis Italia
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20123 Milan
Tel: 0039 (0)2 89 82 71
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e-mail: info@halldis.com