EmploymentCrossing Adds Another Site to Help Professionals Find Jobs


Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2007 -- EmploymentCrossing.com, the nation's fastest-growing jobs website, this week launched yet another subsidiary website: EngineeringCrossing.com.

At EngineeringCrossing, engineers can search among some 10,000+ job openings in their specific realm. This is a phenominal number of engineering job openings listed in one place, and it fits in with EmploymentCrossing's overall (and successful) design of specialized websites for specialized professions.

"Rather than have yet another general job website like Monster or CareerBuilder," said EmploymentCrossing CEO A. Harrison Barnes, "we wanted to make EmploymentCrossing different. The first thing we decided to do is to break each profession into its own specific, searchable web site. That way, if you are looking for a sales position, you would be directed to SellingCrossing.com, and if you're an engineer, you'd go to the new EngineeringCrossing.com. On our competitors' sites, you get one gigantic database of every job out there.

"Just ask anyone who's ever received a job-alert email from Monster, and they will tell you that their search results are often littered with results that do not match their criteria. At EmploymentCrossing, we don't have that problem."

A quick glance at EmploymentCrossing.com shows you everything you need to know. There you'll see a list of the subsidiary websites, including BankingCrossing, AdvertisingCrossing, and the Crossing Family's first site: LawCrossing. From there, a user is able to select his or her field and begin searching.

Two innovations are what make EmploymentCrossing so successful. One is that Barnes does not charge employers to run ads on his site. "Many smaller employers don't have the time or money to create accounts on CareerBuilder or Monster. Those sites require contracts, paperwork, and of course money! At EmploymentCrossing, employers can simply give us a call and tell us about a job opening they need filled. Then we let our members know about that opening." Smart employers don't waste money paying for ads when they can run them for free.

EmploymentCrossing's other innovation is its massive research department. Not content to sit back and wait for employers to place ads, EmploymentCrossing employs nearly 600 people, including a research department that goes out and actively seeks jobs to add to its sites. With the recent EngineeringCrossing, for example, the researchers called and/or visited the websites of nearly every engineering and construction firm in the world, and took note of any job openings those firms had. The researchers then added those openings to EngineeringCrossing so that its subscribers would have instant access to apply for those jobs.

All in all, EmploymentCrossing has been extremely successful and has helped its family of subscribers land thousands of lucrative jobs. "We look forward to adding to our growing number of sites," said Barnes, "and we look forward to the challenges involved in doing so."