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New eBook, Tracker Mo's Bootcamp Fills In The Gaps

Learning To Market Just Got A Whole Lot Easier, As Tracker Mo Explains It All


Port Murray, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2007 -- Successful writer and online marketer Marige O'Brien (Tracker MO) has just released her first ebook, entitled "Tracker Mo's Bootcamp." This ebook is a compilation of her popular ecourse, which focuses on the basic mechanics of working online.

With over 35 chapters in this 210-page ebook, every topic from "ISPs vs. Browsers" to "Banking Online" to "Traffic, SEO & Ranking, Explained," is covered. Trackr Mo's Bootcamp acts as a primer for anyone interested in working online -- in any capacity. With her easy, average-person style, she clearly explains everything in detail, from how your own computer interacts online to when it's essential to use high-security passwords (and one example of how to create your own).

The thrust and motivation come from Marige's own beginnings in marketing. "When I first started, so much was assumed... I could figure out some of it, because I'd been working on computers since the early 1980's. But I wondered what people would do if they didn't have my background-- and soon saw my own downlines struggling because they lacked this basic knowledge."

Initially an ecourse, she decided it would be more helpful to package it as an ebook. "With the reseller/rebranding available, this will make the information available to a much larger audience." She also suggests that experienced marketers can use it to help their newer downline members or in addition to any of the other good quality instructional series available.

"Working online, rather than simply being online, is a completely different world," she explained recently. "It's like the difference between driving a car and working on a car: almost everyone knows how to drive a car-- just like everyone knows how to go on the internet. But how many of us can work on a car? Being an internet marketer without knowing the basics is like being a race-car driver who can't change a tire." "Tracker Mo's Bootcamp" promises to change that for many.

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