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How Knowledge Management can make your Educational Institutes e-literate empowers educators by delivering a collaborative learning experience for groups of students and teachers to have universal access to all data ever created


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2007 -- Leading education organizations around the world are focused on the concept of sustainable improvement. The primary goal is to create an environment that delivers better learning. The improvement drive is powered from within the organization and also from government bodies that fund the organization.

Educational Institutions also need to tackle challenges of outdated teaching techniques, falling student registrations and reduced expenditure budgets.

A common theme that runs through all strategies for improvement is enhanced communication and collaboration between the important stakeholders groups in the education environment - students, alumni and parents, administrators and teachers. To enable such changes it is essential they create a robust collaborative Knowledge Management system which will be the propelling force that will help them achieve their goals. is a comprehensive and powerful collaboration and content management platform that is a perfect fit for Educational Institutes due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, intuitive features, web-based functionality and scalability. enables Educational Institutions to harness knowledge in better and productive ways.

To know more on how can help schools, universities and other educational institutes to enable collaboration and manage their knowledge better download the PDF here:

The document explains the points mentioned below in a detailed manner.

Benefits for an Educational Institute in adopting as a KM solution

Timely and effective collaboration on curriculum development
Sharing of teaching best practices for benefit of organization
Better online tools for managing daily information sharing between students & teachers
Effective monitoring of students over several years and different teachers
Effective communication with parents for communicating ward progress
Requirements and Challenges of an Educational Institute
Flexibility and choice of computers should be possible as different platforms are used
The communication and collaborative solution should run on all versions of OS
User mobility should be possible as users change locations frequently
Manage long list of priorities with limited budgets
Manage the infrastructure with limited IT staff
The document also describes the typical educational functions and processes that can be simplified and improved upon with the help of

About is an Internet based collaboration and content management platform. helps businesses, teams and individuals to securely share and manage their content, all within their own bliki. is web-based and that means no software installations, no setup costs and no geographical restrictions. helps educational institutes to solve big problems even on a very small budget all over the world. It has a zero Infrastructure setup which means, you have: reduced management overheads, no worries of upgrading aging technology and complete protection from unforeseen expense spikes. is being used effectively in the following Industry verticals

Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Energy and Chemical Utilities
Financial Services
Pharmaceutical and Life Science
Real Estate
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Cynapse creates technology that is simple to its users, solves fundamental problems and appeals to a wide variety of audience. All Cynapse inventions follow these core principles. Cynapse builds software products that are extremely Internet dependant and are roughly categorized in the domains of productivity, collaboration and information management.

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