4PSA's New Branding and Website Bring Customers Closer

Rack-Soft announces the release of the redesigned www.4psa.com website, following completion of the 4PSA re-branding process.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2007 -- Rack-Soft announces the release of the redesigned www.4psa.com website, following completion of the 4PSA re-branding process. The new Internet presence, the Client’s Area additions, the redefined Partnership Programs, and the improved Knowledge Base are the result of Rack-Soft's strategy to enhance customers’ experience.

The new 4PSA.COM website was designed to provide to Rack-Soft’s growing customer base a better access to resources and information.

The 4PSA Clients Area was improved to minimize the time spent by customers and partners on administrative tasks. With the new translators' collaboration area, 4PSA users can easier contribute with language pack translations while sharing their knowledge and taking advantage of the localized 4PSA software.

The 4PSA Partnership Programs were reorganized to better express Rack-Soft's development and the increased partnership opportunities. "Building strong partnerships is a key element of our vision and a long-term commitment to improve the way we reach our customers. 4PSA Partnership Programs provide full access to our software, professional services, technical support, training, and marketing resources.", stated Frank Reilly, Customer Service Manager.

Rack-Soft is focused on delivering server software and technical assistance. The new tagline, "Providing Server Solutions" better reflects the company’s competence in providing automation and optimization of IT business processes. Companies want the fastest and most efficient way to deliver network services to their clients and Rack-Soft is specialized in building solutions. Serving the customer, writing software, and delivering lifecycle support is the core of Rack-Soft's business.

Upon completing the re-branding process, Rack-Soft takes the opportunity to offer an important discount for all 4PSA software products. "We must celebrate this event together with our clients; after all, the new website was build for them. More details about the 4PSA re-branding promotion are available online at: https://www.4psa.com/index.php?pcat=store&pag=rebranddiscount", also added Frank Reilly.

About Rack-Soft

Rack-Soft is an established developer and integrator of software solutions for the server market. The company’s products are used by ISP, HSP, and enterprises that want to simplify server management, Data Center administration, and voice communications.

Rack-Soft’s explosive success is based on excellence, innovation, and a strong determination to improve processes. The software quality and the superior technical support offered to all clients are the main engines that maximize customer satisfaction.

For more information on Rack-Soft products and services, please visit us at www.4psa.com. If you have comments, suggestions or questions, please send email us: press@4psa.com.