1866Watches Is The Ultimate Show Case For Watches, New, Old, And Collectible


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2007 -- The Company has developed a business module that keeping in mind what a buyer of a watch seeks from the World Wide Web. 1866Watches aims to be comprehensive and a leader that does more than sell watches online. The website will introduce tips and articles on watches from history to legends to daily care; be a site where watches on offer at both low range as well as high range; offer services like valuation and repair of watches; provide a platform where watch makers and users can meet and interact on blogs as well as a forum.

1866Watches is dedicated to the business of “Time” and the team works with leading watch manufactures, antique dealers, engineers, designers, and authorized service centers to bring to the World Wide Web a state of the art watch site. One where watches can be bought, sold, admires, and repaired.

According to Chris Young a spokesman for the company, “We aim to please and hope to become a recognized and trusted name in the wrist watch business. It is not just about making the business profitable. The vision is to be comprehensive and with this aim we plan to make the site “No 1” in its field.”

Using 1866Watches a watch connoisseur or user, be it a child, teenager, or adult can begin a collection, gift a watch, know more about the watches they own, ask a question, sell a watch, and more online knowing that the site is dependable.

User friendly, the site is designed for non tech users. Even a child wanting to know more about its Disney watch will be able to use the site. From watch trivia to serious advice, from style tips and statements to current trends the site covers all. The World Wide Web has changed the way people shop or look for information and the team that runs 1866Watches.com knows that surfers seek reliability and safety on the internet. The technology is state of art and all steps to ensure the safety of the payment gateways and privacy of the users is in place.

For more information on the site and its innovations see: http://www.1866watches.com/
Contact: Chris Young
Company Name: 1866Watches.com
Address: 155 Goolsby Blvd
Deerfield Beach,
FL – 33442

Telephone Number: (305) 684-2594
Web site address: http://www.1866watches.com