1888CarInsurance.Com Has Been Launched To Create A Platform Where Car Owners Can Find Comprehensive Car Insurance At Competitive Rates

1888CarInsurance.com is all set to become the one-stop for car owners.


Miami, FL-- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2007 -- The website will enable car owners to find car insurance at competitive rates, do comparisons between insurance company offers, study coverage offered by leading insurers, and read tips as well as articles pertaining to car ownership and car insurance.

The purpose of the site 1888CarInsurance is to provide consumers with information pertaining to car ownership and insurance, up-to-date advice on prevailing rates and about leaders in the insurance business, as well as the latest information on government regulations regarding car insurance.

According to a company spokesman, “The World Wide Web has become the place people turn to for information and convenience of purchase. And 1888CarInsurance will provide the ideal platform for consumers within the US and all over the world to shop for car insurance provided by leaders in the field.”

Ease of use, readability, and security are the norms by which the site is designed. Consumers can navigate through the pages of 1888CarInsurance easily finding the information they need.

The site is planned such that it will bring car insurance to the doorstep of consumers and provide an interactive forum where car enthusiasts can get driving, car rental, new products, weekend getaways, car maintenance and how to lower car insurance expert advice and tips.

According to a company spokesman of 1888CarInsurance “The site is all set to be a leader and different. Its not all about creating a profitable business module. The team wishes to present the best in car insurance by offering comparisons of car insurance rates as well as facilities across the US and all over the world. The aim is to offer services at competitive prices and create a forum that provides solutions to problems faced by car owners and brings them the best the car industry has to offer.”

Instituted by people with long years in the automobile and insurance business, 1888CarInsurance will be the answer to all automotive and car insurance needs.

For in depth information on the site see: http://www.1888carinsurance.com/

Contact: Chris Young
Company Name: 1888CarInsurance.com
Address: 155 Goolsby Blvd
Deerfield Beach,
FL – 33442

Telephone Number: (305) 684-2594
Web site address: http://www.1888carinsurance.com/